After a Bus Accident in Texas

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What should I do after being injured in a bus accident?


There are several things that must be done after being injured in a bus accident to make sure you have a strong personal injury claim and that your rights are protected. First, did you report the accident to the bus driver, bus company, or local government agency, such as a police department, DPS, or sheriff’s office?
Another thing that’s important is that you seek immediate medical attention. This not only means going to the local hospital, but also going to your medical provider. When you go to a hospital, they’ll typically tell you, in writing, to follow up with your doctor after the visit is over. Please follow up with your doctor because otherwise you’re not going to be compliant. By going to your own doctor, there could be untreated injuries that you may need to have closely examined, and that will only happen with your local medical provider.

It’s also important that you hire an experienced lawyer who’s handled bus accident cases before. It’s not like your typical car accident. There are different regulations that are going to apply to both the busing company and to the bus driver. Your lawyer can properly examine these regulations to make sure they were complied with.

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