After a Burn Injury

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What should I do after being seriously injured due to a burn?


I had a young man come in the other day who was involved in a serious oilfield accident and received burns. One of the questions he asked was what he should do about his burn injuries. After a Burn Injury There are several things that need to be done, the most obvious being to seek immediate medical attention. You may need to go to a special burn unit to get proper treatment. If this isn’t done timely, then your injuries may not heal. It’s also important that you follow up with another medical doctor of your choice to make sure any untreated injuries you have as a result of these burns get properly taken care of.

The second thing that’s also important is to hire an experienced lawyer who’s handled burn accidents and burn injuries. This is important because there may need to be specific investigations that be done. Prior to any investigation, an experienced lawyer will make sure that your employer gets notified. If it happened at a job site, your attorney will make sure that the people in charge of the job site get properly notified and a report is properly documented to protect you.

An experienced lawyer will also make sure that an investigation is conducted, including finding any material witnesses who may have seen it or may have knowledge of how the burn injuries occurred. There may be surveillance videos at the oilfield accident or wherever the burn injury occurred, that they can make sure gets preserved. They can also ensure that an expert is hired to do any investigations.

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