Accidents at work: What can be done to improve workplace safety?

All businesses are responsible for creating a safe work environment for their employees. Despite the Occupational Safety & Hazard Administration guidelines mandated by the federal government, the U.S. Department of Labor still estimates that about 12 fatal accidents occur on the job each day. To lower this troubling statistic, there is a demand for workplaces to take a close look at their safety procedures to stop any employee from having a serious accident at work.


Safety training is a must if you aim to have fewer reported accidents at work. No matter how many years an employee may be on the job, he may still need a refresher on how to be safe. Safety training needs to be formalized and mandated within your workplace environment. A successful system will not only prevent an accident at work, but also project the image that you care about all of your employees’ well being. Unsafe working conditions will lower morale and make your employees not value their job or your customers. Videos, seminars, and supervisor-led meetings are all tools that can be used in workplace safety training protocols.

Spread the Word

Holding routine training sessions may not be enough to stop an accident at work from happening. You need to post reminders everywhere in order to hammer home your point about how important it is to follow all safety procedures. Signs can range from a friendly “wash your hands” reminder to “watch for falling material” warnings.
Brochures should be distributed as part of your workplace safety program. The brochures should cover all topics relevant to employee safety. For instance, you may mandate employees to wear specialized protective clothing to prevent an accident at work. Another topic may cover what to do in case of fire and the evacuation procedures for your building. All of these guidelines should be outlined in literature that each employee is given before starting the job.

Open Communication

Employees need to play an integral part in accident prevention at work. Everyone on the job, even high-level management, needs to be held accountable for his or her unsafe actions. Daily safety inspections must be conducted and processes must be reviewed on a regular basis in order to check for flaws in the system. Ask for employee feedback in order to find areas where hazards may exist. Recognize employees who are vigilant about following all safety procedures. However, be careful not to reward for achieving zero workplace injuries since this may inadvertently cause employees to simply fail to report an accident at work.

Creating Ideal Workplace Conditions

There are several basic rules you can follow to ensure fewer accidents at work. First of all, provide all equipment needed for an employee to stay safe. This may include helmets, steel-toe boots, gloves, and safety goggles. Workplace areas should be kept clean and free of debris and spills in order to prevent falls. Stay on top of all maintenance for equipment in order to prevent machinery from malfunctioning. Purchase all required first aid supplies to keep on hand as well as fire-fighting equipment such as ladders, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers.

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