Accepting the First Bus Accident Settlement Offer

Do you have questions about dealing with insurance? Learn if you should be accepting the first bus accident settlement offer in this video.

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Should I take the first settlement offer for my bus accident case?


You may be wondering whether it’s ever a good idea to accept the first offer from the insurance company regarding a bus accident injury.

The answer is no, because insurance companies are businesses, and as such their priority is to make money. A primary way they do this is by paying out as little as possible on every single claim.

This may seem unfair, but it’s still the truth. The insurance company is always going to start with its lowest offer in an effort to get you to accept the cheapest possible amount to resolve your claim. This is why having an experienced bus accident lawyer can make a big difference in the compensation you can recover from your claim.

The very fact that a personal injury attorney is handling your claim puts the insurance company on notice that they can’t drag you around through denials and delays. Your lawyer will see right through that, and they know it. It also tells them that if they don’t offer an adequate settlement amount, they’ll be sued.

When you’ve suffered a serious injury in a bus accident, your best chance for maximum compensation is through retaining a bus accident lawyer and routing all communications with the insurance company through them.

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