A Product Recall Has Been Issued For The Polaris 570 Sportsman

From time to time, customers may hear about a recall issued on the news and wonder what this is. A product recall is issued when there is a problem with a product that could impact the safety of the user and those around them. For example, a car company may issue an auto parts recall for vehicles that could have been made with a defective part. This defective part increases the chance that someone could be injured while using the product. Recently, Polaris issued a  recall for their popular Sportsman 570

The Polaris Sportsman 570

A product recall has been issued by Polaris for the 2014 model of their Sportsman 570. This is a popular all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that sold in large numbers of use in the outdoors. People may have raced these vehicles, used them on mountain paths, and ridden through fields on them as a way to pass the time. For those who are wondering whether or not they purchase the 2014 model, the vehicle was sold in a variety of colors, including bright white, sage green, pursuit camo, indy red, and featured a touring model as well. On the front grill, the word “Polaris” is printed brightly. On the side panel, “Sportsman 570” is clearly visible. Those who are using this model of ATV from Polaris should stop using it immediately and contact Polaris to get their vehicle fixed.

What Triggered this Product Recall?

When a vehicle is recalled, there are problems with the vehicle that impact its usability and safety, placing the individual at risk. In this case, the vehicle has a propensity for leaking fuel, creating a fire hazard for those riding the vehicle and people who might be nearby. Specifically, the Sportsman 570 has a problem with leaking fuel into the headlight pod. Because the headlight pod has a number of exposed wires that are required to illuminate dark and foggy areas, this creates a fire hazard. If the wires spark the fuel that has leaked into the headlight pod, the vehicle could catch fire. This can lead to catastrophic injuries and health hazards for the people using the vehicle.

What Kind of Injuries Could Result?

When someone suffers fire or burn damage while riding a vehicle, there are several injuries that could result. First of all, fire is accompanied by smoke and someone riding a burning vehicle is going to develop lung damage from the smoke. The smoke is extremely hot and could burn the inside of the trachea and lungs. This inhibits the ability of the lungs to transport oxygen to the red blood cells, depriving the bodily tissues of much-needed oxygen. The flames from the vehicle could burn the skin, which is why people should wear a helmet and protective body suit while using an ATV. If the flames cause someone to lose control of their ATV, they could fall off of the vehicle, leading to a variety of bone fractures, including femur fractures.

What Should Customers Do?

First and foremost, it is vital for customers to stop using these ATVs immediately. A recall has been issued because the vehicle has been considered dangerous for use due to fuel leakage that creates a fire hazard. Then, customers should contact Polaris to schedule a free repair. Because there is an intrinsic problem with the vehicle itself, customers are entitled to a free repair that should fix the fuel leakage problem and make the vehicle safe for use once again. The phone number that people should call to reach Polaris is 800-765-2747. The line is available from 7AM to 7 PM central time Monday through Friday. People are also welcome to visit the Polaris website if they would prefer to schedule a repair in that manner instead of over the phone. This might be preferable if hold times are long.

What are the Models of the Polaris Sportman 570 Recalled?

Some people may still be unsure if their model of Polaris Sportsman 570 has been included in the massive recall. Fortunately, there is a helpful list of model numbers that have been published. People should simply check their model number to see if their vehicle has been included. The model numbers are: A14MH57AA, A14MH57AD, A14MH57AC, A14DH57AA, A14MH5EAA, A14MH5EAJ, A14DH57AJ, and A14MH5EAC. If any of these model numbers match the customer’s, that person should get their vehicle repaired. These vehicles were sold between April of 2014 and May of 2017.

How can People Check for Recalls?

Many people might be afraid of missing a recall that one of their products has been scheduled for. When it comes to vehicles, every vehicle has a vehicle identification number that is attached to important information such as their make and model. Using this number, people can go online and search for auto parts recalls or product safety recalls. After this, people can use the vehicle identification number to search and see if their car, truck, motorcycle, or other vehicle has been included in any of the recalls. If it has, people should stop using the vehicle and contact the company to schedule a repair. It is important to get the vehicle repaired before using it again because this is an important safety issue for everyone involved.

Vehicles have Already caught Fire

For those unsure of whether or not these reports are entirely accurate, there have already been over 30 reports that the company has received of fuel leaks in their vehicles. Four of these reports involved a vehicle catching fire. This does not include the incidents that the company may not have heard about, so people should get their vehicles fixed. Anyone who has been hurt riding this model’s ATV should contact defective product attorneys at GOM Law in McAllen, TX today to learn about their options. Nobody should have to pay for their injuries resulting from a recalled product on their own.

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