3 Forklift Accident Tips

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3 Forklift Accident Tips1) After a Forklift Accident

I had an individual that came in the other day who was involved in a forklift accident. One of the questions that they asked is what they should do. There are several things that must be done. The first thing is to report the accident to either your employer or to the job site where the accident happened. The second thing is to seek immediate medical attention. This does not only mean going to the hospital, but also seeking a doctor’s treatment after that. You’re going to need to follow up with another medical provider to see if you have some sort of herniation or burns that maybe the hospital didn’t treat.
The third thing is to seek a lawyer that’s experienced in forklift accidents who is going to be aware of the regulations that are applicable to the forklift driver or the company that employed the forklift driver. If you have any questions whatsoever, we are here to help.

2) Forklift Accident Settlement Timeline

The length of time it takes to resolve a forklift accident can be anywhere from 18 months to two years, or sometimes even a little longer. That’s because of several factors. One factor is the court docket: how many cases does a judge have in front of you that are still waiting? The other thing is how fair and reasonable an insurance company wants to be with you. It’s within their control as far as if they could resolve the case early or way down the road. They’re the ones that hold the cards as far as if and when they’re going to be fair.

The other thing that will also come into play is your healing process. We’re not going to resolve a case until we’re sure that you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. Then, at that point in time, we can look at everything you’ve gone through and all the harms and losses that you’ve suffered to put a value on your claim. We then take that to the insurance company and figure whether or not they’re being fair with you, and what we’re going to have to do to get that fairness for you.

3) Forklift Accident Claim Value

There are several questions that must be answered when determining the value of a forklift accident case. One of them is, what is the extent of the injuries? The second factor you need to look at is how and why the accident happened. Third is the amount of insurance that the defendant is going to carry. There are certain regulations that apply to warehouses or workplaces where forklift accidents may happen. There are specific federal and state regulations that may apply to the forklift driver. You must look at all of that to determine what the value of the case is. You won’t know the answer to that question until you get a lawyer who has experience and can investigate all the factors that happened to give you a better idea what the value of the case is.

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