3 Boat Accident Injury Tips

Were you seriously hurt in a boat accident and have questions? Read these 3 boat accident injury tips, then call our McAllen attorneys today.

1) Claim Value

3 Boat Accident Injury TipsThe process begins with looking at the injuries the injured person has suffered, and the financial and non-financial problems that have arisen because of the injury. Is this person now saddled with a pile of medical bills? Will they continue to have medical expenses in the future for ongoing care of an impairment?

Has the person suffered disfigurement, and if so, how will this affect their quality of life? Has there been or will there be anguish due to the injuries?

What about income? Has the injured person lost wages due to inability to work? Will they lose income in the future as well? What about earning capacity? Have their injuries impacted their ability to earn the same income they could before the accident?

One of the major benefits to retaining a boat accident lawyer is their skill in assessing your damages. An experienced attorney will make sure that every factor relevant to your claim is included in your request for compensation.

2) Case Timeline

The timeline of a boat accident claim will at first depend on the severity of the injury. Less serious injuries may be resolved fairly quickly through a settlement with the insurance company.  Serious injuries, however, are likely to take longer, starting with taking longer for the injured person to reach maximum medical improvement.

Once maximum medical improvement is reached, the timeline of the claim will hinge on the insurance company. If they are open to a reasonable settlement offer, your boat accident lawyer will be able to wrap up your claim quickly. If the insurance company refuses to settle however, you’ll need to file a lawsuit.

Once you are forced to litigate, your claim’s time frame will depend on the court’s availability, which can draw things out for two or three years.

3) Injury Claims

A boat accident is different than a car accident in many ways. For instance, in a boat accident, the laws vary depending on the location of the accident. There are laws that pertain to whether the accident occurred on the open sea or on a lake. We call this maritime law. In addition, the laws, rules, and the regulations that govern the operation of boats also differ depending on where the boat was being used at the time of the accident.

When you hire an experienced boat accident lawyer, you get the reassurance that your claim is being handled by someone knowledgeable about all the nuances involved in the laws around operation of a boat and maritime law.

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