2 Things To Know After a Car Wreck

Did you get seriously hurt in an accident? Learn these 2 things to know after a car wreck, then contact us to ensure maximum compensation.

1) Choosing a Car Accident Attorney

2 Things To Know After a Car Wreck There are four things that you should ask any lawyer that you’re considering hiring. First, is whether or not they are a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer only handles personal injury cases. They don’t handle bankruptcies, wills, or divorces. Second, is whether or not they’ve had success handling car wrecks. Don’t be afraid to ask them to show you the cases they’ve handled and the successes they’ve had. Third, is if they are a trial lawyer. That means that they’ve handled the cases from the beginning to the end and are going to have judgments that they’ve obtained in court from a jury. Ask them to show you those judgments.

Lastly, you’ll want to know if they are board-certified. If they are, then you know you’re getting the best. This means they have been recognized by the state as having expertise in their area of practice. Only 3% of all the lawyers in the state are board-certified personal injury trial lawyers. With those four questions, I think that will give you a good basis for which to make the best decision.

2) Car Accident Settlement Timeline

The length of time that it would take to resolve an auto accident case is typically about a year-and-a-half. However, we have to look at what kind of auto accident it was. Was it a minor accident? Do we have one that’s very severe with a lot of injuries? Then we have to see how long it takes you to recover and how much it costs. We also must look at if the insurance company is being fair with their offers. If they’re not fair, we’ve got to file a lawsuit. This brings the court’s calendar and their timeline for cases into the equation. Once that’s all been calculated, then we have a better feel and understanding of how long it might take.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a crash and have questions about these 2 things to know after a car wreck?

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